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headersin turistas educates and gives voice to the individual through photography. sin turistas photographers engage the community in workshops or on their own in special projects. photographers explore the environment and collect stories through still photography and oral traditions. these images we create and collect have no power if they remain unseen. the greater goal is the expression of the sin turistas collection through exhibitions in creative and public spaces, online and short run print zines and a published photography journal. we hope to influence the construction of memory through the photography and the highland park archive being created. sin turistas photography workshops and collective is an outreach program of avenue 50 studio.

header 2sin turistas is a photography collective and workshops that meet in creative spaces. workshop participants and the collective members explore the city and its residents. we are an eclectic group of professionals, amateurs and fine art photographers. our four tenets of education, exploration, expression and memory are what we aspire to in each of our events and programs. currently, we are photographing and studying the effects of gentrification on highland park. though our project is social documentary in nature, activities include a variety of expression as a means to develop thoughts and ideas about our own photography. workshops include basic photography knowledge for beginners and all levels where we practise shooting skills and foster discussion about photography. the skills acquired through these programs are employed to illustrate the narrative of our social structure.

header 3join us for one of our events!
• photography workshops (beginner courses and others)
• photographer and artist studio tours
• documentary film night
• “36 exposures” a photographer speaker series
• the photo jam, open photography critiques
• facebook page has general photography news and events
• photography exhibitions
• coming soon: photography zines series “espejo” photography journal nela-pow, ne. los angeles picture of the week and a searchable archive



last year

nov 24

arroyo arts collective studio tour
booth @ avenue 50 studio

dec 10

36 exposures with leopoldo peña
7:00 pm @ avenue 50 studio

dec 14

0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**
york boulevard store fronts


jan 04

36 exposures with stephen johnstone
11:30 am @ the gilb museum of arcadia heritage

mar 13

memory & displacement
a presentation of sin turistas images
usc, visual studies research institute

mar 29

0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**
figueroa store fronts


apr 09

sin turistas discusses gentrification
on “brown zero LA” radio show at killradio.org

may TBA

1.3 introduction to photography (extended ver.)

may 15

photo jam: open critique forum
with photographers isabel avila and dr dana collins

may 11

pasadena camera show booth

may 24 0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**
jun TBA

36 exposures with (TBA)
7:00 pm @ avenue 50 studio

jun 01

lummis day
recruiting booth and print sale


jul 12

3.1 street photography
vs. 3.2 the environmental portrait


0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**
street photography in DTLA


0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**


oct 30

photo jam 2
7:00 pm @ avenue 50 studio

see event page


36 exposures with (TBA)
7:00 pm @ avenue 50 studio

nov 22

arroyo arts collective studio tour
booth @ southwest museum

9:30 am
- 5:00 pm
visit aac site


0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**

reg form
**one day workshops scheduled are subject to change due to interest and availability of locations.
pre registration required on all workshops, no walk-ins on first day unless previously arranged. download form (here) and return to (sin@thegeniusofwater.us) and review the terms and condition.  payment can be made now to reserve space. payment to avenue 50 studio by check, credit card or paypal is accepted.
if a workshop is not scheduled please inquire and it might be possible to schedule it with enough interest. (click here)
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mast photograph by john urquiza/sin turistas @ the sights & sounds of highland park workshops