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workshop photography curriculum specializes in merging visual language skills with photography knowledge.

exploreworkshops meet in galleries and other creative facilities around highland park and los angeles specific to the curriculum. entry level workshops build skills for visual story telling. intermediate and advance participants have the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas to develop an individual’s point of view about this changing city. one of the goals of this workshop is to create a diverse view of highland park and the city of los angeles that explores the perceptions and the participant’s voice. growstudents will discuss and practice documentary and expressive image making to develop their narrative as well as be introduced to visual devices for storytelling. through instant feedback on their own images and shooting styles, participants will acquire  skills to create more compelling photographs. courses are designed in modules to compliment participants existing knowledge. the curriculum sets foundation knowledge and progressive courses build on those experiences.
sharesin turistas workshops develop the photographers skills so that they may share their images with the viewer through publishing or exhibition in print or online. images are shared on our facebook page and in workshop critiques with other sin turista photographers, while exhibitions are organised for the workshop’s outstanding stories and images. sin turistas also serves as a resource for non-profit organisations who need imagery to tell the story of their mission. student photographers are given assignments with these organisations to document and express a vision. a the long term goals for sin turistas is to develop and publish a journal that features images that illustrating the change los angeles is going through.learnphotographers will also have an opportunity to discuss technical issues about their camera equipment and post-production tips specific to course objectives. other workshops are also available that expand on post production, retouching concepts, digital output and experimental techniques  in creative and shooting sessions. students’ work will be critiqued in a collaborative peer environment moderated by a working professional(s). join us for a fun photography-learning experience and see los angeles sin turistas!



start dates may vary. check with instructor after registration.


jan 14

1.3 introduction to photography (extended ver.)

jan 27

0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**
visit murals in ELA “the story of our struggle”

feb 16

0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**
explore the first church in HP, westminster house


apr 20

1.3 introduction to photography (extended ver)

may 13

2.3a digital camera experiments

may 18/19

0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**
street photography by train

jun 22/23

0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**


jul 13

3.1 street photography

jul 27/28

0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**
street photography in DTLA

aug 17/18

0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**
TBA guest photographer


oct 06

3.2 the environmental portrait
vs. 3.3 the visual essay

oct 17-19

0.4 new workshop TBA
guest photographer

oct 27/27

0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**

dec 14

0.2 sights & sounds of highland park**
york boulevard store fronts

reg form
**one day workshops scheduled are subject to change due interest and availability of locations.
pre registration required on all workshops, no walk-ins on first day unless previously arranged. download form (here) and return to (sin@thegeniusofwater.us) and review the terms and condition.  payment can be made now to reserve space. payment by check or credit card at avenue 50 studio or through google pay is accepted.
if a workshop is not scheduled please inquire and it might be possible to schedule it with enough interest. (click here)
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mast photograph by christina cacho @ the sights & sounds of highland park workshops